Aaah Massage

For Health & Well Being

Hours: Tuesdays 10AM-3, Thursdays 8AM-1PM
A Massage Therapist since 1994, I have had over 23 years of practice and continuing education.  There is uncomparable joy in being able to serve the community around me through promoting health and wellness.  I believe regular reception of Massage Therapy is an intregal part of my well being and happiness.
I perform a Massage based on the needs of each individual.  I specialize in Deep Tissue, Tigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage, and  Active-Assisted Stretching.  I have been trained and have practiced a wide variety of  therapies through the years, including being a Reiki and an Access Bars Practitioner. I have also been a Yoga Teacher for 18 years.
30 Minutes  $40.
45 Minutes  $50.
60 Minutes  $60.
75 Minutes  $75. 
90 Minutes  $90. 
You can also find me at SolEscape Healing Arts in Madison on Atwood Avenue.     Mondays 1-7P, Wednesdays 10-4P,   Fridays 10-3 and  Sunday 10-3P
Pricing @  Solescape   30 min $45, 45 min $60, 60 min $75, 75 min $85, 90 min $100, 2 hour $130